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This is a new site that I have developed from my experience of teaching on the Access Science programme at Leeds City College.  The pages are designed to help pre-university students who are preparing to use the Access route rather than A-levels to prepare for university study.  While I was preparing my notes for my students, I found that there were plenty of websites that dealt with the subject at a basic (GCSE equivalent) level,  and a good number that dealt with it at an advanced academic level that would suit university students.  However there was not much that aimed at Level 3 (A-level equivalent) students.  So this is the gap I have tried to fill with this site.


Access students may well have been out of education for some years, and my approach is to assume rather hazy recollection of the basic ideas.   Or that you weren't listening when your physics teacher did it with you all those years ago.  If you are struggling with the basic ideas, I would recommend that you look at the basic electricity pages before you take on more difficult concepts.


This site may also be useful for students in their First Year at university.  There is a lot of stuff that is not covered in the A level syllabus on AC theory and Electronics.  Both are making a welcome return in the new linear syllabus for AQA, but the Electronics content is an option.  Therefore there will be many students who will have done other options.  Please note that the notes only cover the basics.  Your lectures may go to a more advanced level.


Please note that is a link isn't working, it's because I have not up-loaded the materials yet.

All Electrical Engineering Notes are available.  I  am working on the Electromagnetism notes.  Tutorials 1 - 10 are now on-line.  I am working on the other tutorials.


After I have completed Electromagnetism, I shall be working on the Electronic Option for my A level Physics notes.  When I have done that, I will do the stuff on Electric Motors.  I may be a while...


Please let me know if there are any other topics you would like me to write notes on at this level.


Please note that these pages have been prepared with a great deal of care and are offered in good faith.  However it is possible that mistakes have crept in.  I would be grateful if you could draw my attention to any errors.  However I will NOT accept any responsibility for the failure of any student to achieve their desired result.